Character is no coincidence

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Mark Schiettekat is the creator of the project. This passionate entrepreneur from Belgium started selling Spanish wine in 1983. And since 1992, convinced of its potential, he has been producing wines in Spain, valuing the different native varieties of the country.

Among the varieties he works with, there is one that holds a special place in his heart: the Garnacha grape, native to Aragon. It was precisely in Calatayud where Mark promised to put down roots.

Twenty years after that promise, and reviving a local cooperative on the brink of closure, he was able to launch Raíces Ibéricas winery, fulfilling his promise and making his dream come true.


Calatayud is located in the heart of Aragon. In a valley surrounded by mountains, protected from the harshest conditions on the other side of the range. The tributaries of the Ebro River provide a constant source of water and many other benefits.

Its continental climate brings scorching summers and freezing winters, with differences of 40 °C or more between seasons. Even between day and night, temperatures vary by more than 20 °C.

The Cierzo, an unrelenting wind, brings character, both to its wines and its people. Most vineyards are located at altitudes between 800 and 1,000 meters. Challenging conditions for those who work them, but excellent for the grapes.

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Although poor in nutrients, these rocky substrates rich in limestone allow the vine roots to slowly but inexorably make their way through the cracks and fine fissures.

Between the layers of slate, water is captured and accumulated. These soils also absorb and reflect the heat of the sun, balancing the ripening process of the grapes between day and night.

The landscape of Calatayud is a complex mosaic of plots, displaying enormous diversity. Slate soils can be black, gray, red, or even white. It's a spectacle to see how the terrain changes from one plot to another, sometimes with just a few meters of difference between them.

Just as the soil and its mineral composition change, so do the vines and the grapes they produce. They develop a different character, distinct from their neighbors.

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It's no coincidence that Garnacha thrives in this region. It's perfectly adapted to the challenging conditions it's constantly exposed to. Like the people, old vines, sometimes over 80 years old, are the most resilient.

Although their yields are low (about 3,000 kg/ha), they have managed to build and develop their own personality while retaining the fruity character and freshness so typical of Garnacha.


With all this uniqueness, we have developed a collection of wines full of personality and nuances that, with every sip, bring us the best of this land.

Wines that pay homage to the local dialect of Aragon, as is the case with Fabla, our most popular proposal. Village wines, like Acered and Alarba, made with grapes exclusively grown in these two towns of the Calatayud D.O. Or single vineyard wines, like Las Lomas, where you can find the maximum expression of this area.